Linen Overshirts - Inspired By You

April 12 2023 – Matt Beddows

Recently a client asked about commissioning a linen overshirt for himself. We were already working on a bespoke jacket, but he was thinking ahead to the summer and wanted something lightweight and more casual that he could put on whenever needed.

The tailoring was fairly straightforward, it was just a matter of finding the correct linen or linen/cotton mix so that it had the perfect feel to it.

An existing supplier had a range of Irish Linen that was in the sweet spot of being heavier than what we would use for normal shirts, but lighter than what we would use for jackets and trousers.

Each linen overshirt can be tailored as above, with the top pockets, or exactly how you want them. You can even select which buttons you would like to match or contrast the fabric.

The Linen Overshirt is CHF295.


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