Reda 100% Merino Wool Shirts

September 14 2023 – Matt Beddows

100% Made in Italy, Reda Active shirt fabrics are a pure expression of craftsmanship and are made from ZQ-certified mulesing free pure Merino wool that is completely traceable, thus confirming the sustainable spirit that has always guided Reda in the production of high-quality textiles.

Differing from normal cotton shirt fabrics, Reda Active’s offering fully exploits the characteristics of Merino wool for a high degree of breathability, avoiding the creation of unpleasant odors and leaving the skin less damp for an unprecedented level of thermal comfort.

Reda Active’s shirt fabrics are resistant to creasing and do not wrinkle, guaranteeing maximum comfort and ensuring an ever-impeccable look in any situation. A shirt made from this fabric can be worn all day long and follows the body’s movements in a natural and harmonious way. It can easily be washed in a washing machine, making it extremely practical as well.

Reda Active fabrics offer exceptional performance and are extremely elegant, perfect for facing any situation in style. They are available in a wide range of motifs from refined to casual, perfect for leisure time. Active shirt fabrics are versatile and ideal for wear under a suit or on its own on more casual occasions.

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