Give Your Old Suit a Second Life, Help Launch a Career & Save CHF100

January 17 2024 – Hemanth Mirpuri

As part of our continuing commitment to sustainability, we are pleased to announce a partnership with the charity Serve The City to give your old suits a Next Life.

Established in 2010, Serve the City Geneva’s mission is to provide volunteer resources to organisations serving the poor and marginalised of Geneva.
We are proud to support this charity by adjusting any old suits we have or any suits we receive so that they fit individuals who need them to attend an interview or start a new job.

We do need more suits, so for every suit donated, we will provide a CHF100 credit for the purchase of a new bespoke suit.

How Does It Work?

1. Review your wardrobe to see if you do have any suits that are still in a good condition, but those that you do not wear anymore. They made be a different style that you no longer like, or just the wrong size.

2. Make an appointment to see us in Geneva or Zurich by clicking here.

3. Bring your suit with you to the appointment. We will review the condition of the suit to ensure there aren't any stains and that it is still in a good condition to be donated.

4. If the suit can be donated, we will take it and store it. If you are looking to tailor a new suit, you will receive a CHF100 credit towards it.

5. We provide Serve The City with the number suits we have and the particular sizes. When they have an individual that is either one size up or down from our selection, we tailor your suit to fit the individual. 

6. Your old suit starts its Second Life! 

Please note that we retain full discretion to determine whether you suit can be donated. Only one credit can be used for each new tailored suit. 


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