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Look Good Now - Pay Later with Raj Mirpuri & PowerPay

August 26 2020 – Hemanth Mirpuri

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Swiss Payment Provider PowerPay to offer the option to Buy Now and Pay Later for all your bespoke tailored needs.
How Does it Work?

It's actually quite straight forward - the consultation is exactly the same as before and we go through your needs and requirements. When it comes to payment, we offer a "payment by invoice" service, where you just need to enter a few details. We get an immediate response and we get started on your clothing straight away!

What Happens Next?

In terms of your bespoke tailored clothing, the process is the same and we will be in contact with you for the fitting and completion of your garment. PowerPay will send you an invoice by e-mail and you will have the choice to pay the invoice in one go or split the invoice into different payments. 

Great! How do we get started?

The first step would be to make an appointment to visit us to discuss your sartorial requirements. You can do so by clicking here or WhatsApp us on +41 78 683 8988.
To learn more about PowerPay click here.