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Easy Iron Bespoke Tailored Shirts

Be Zoom Call Ready with our Range of Easy Iron Bespoke Tailored Shirts.

We have worked with our fabric suppliers to create a collection of easy-iron shirts are are both soft to touch and provide the convenience of being ready to go at any time. The fabric is still treated, but the fabric receives a less aggressive, gentle treatment that respects the natural fiber of the cotton. The treatment method itself is different than your typical formaldehyde bath that a “wash-and-wear” shirt receives before it’s put on the rack for purchase. You’re left with a soft, breathable shirt, with an exceptionally smooth hand-feel. 

We have our most popular colours on-line, but we have a high collection or easy-iron shirts available to view instore or by clicking the links below. Just let us know which fabrics you would like and we can tailor your shirts and send them to you. To get in touch with us, you can make an appointment by clicking here or send us a WhatsApp on +4178 683 89 88.


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